Expo Programme

Mining Expo / Programme

2021 Virtual Mining Conference

Sept 1, 2021 08:00 AM

Hilifa Mbako

Welcoming Remarks

Hilifa Mbako, President, CoM

Tom Alweendo

Official Opening

Hon. Tom Alweendo, Minister of Mines and Energy

Session 1

Chairperson of Session - Mr Hilifa Mbako (President, CoM)

Barcelona Tsauses

COVID-19 and Impact on the Mining Industry

Barcelona Tsauses, Chairperson, Chamber Safety Committee & Director, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb

Mark Dawe

Mining Industry Support to COVID-19 Initiatives

Mark Dawe, MD & Country Manager, B2Gold Namibia and Chairperson, O xygen Committee of Business Namibia COVID Initiative

Robert McGregor

Status Quo of Mining Sector in 2021: Poised for Growth

Robert McGregor, Economist, Cirrus Capita

Fabian Shaanika

Opportunities for Mining Sector post COVID-19:Global & Local Mining Trends & Namibia’s Competitivenes

Fabian Shaanika, Sector Lead: Mining & Resources, RM

Q & A Session

Session 2

Chairperson of Session - Mr Zebra Kasete (2nd Vice President, CoM)

Christo Horn Sheron Kaviua

Digital Transformation as an Enabler to Sustainable Mining at the Trevali Rosh Pinah Mine

Christo Horn, Vice President Operations, Trevali Rosh Pinah Mine

Sheron Kaviua, Technical Services Lead, Trevali Rosh Pinah Zinc Mine

Eliakim Tsiningayamwe

Skorpion Zinc Refinery Expansion

Eliakim Tshiningayamwe, Head: Care & Maintenance, Skorpion Zinc

Steve Galloway

ESG & Corporate Governance in the Mining Industry

Steve Galloway, Consultant

Retha van der Schyf

Mine Closure and Sustainable Town Transformation

Retha van der Schyf, Managing Director, Salients Alliance Limited

Q & A Session

Lunch/Comfort Break

Session 3

Chairperson of Session - Mr Veston Malango (CEO, CoM)

John Borshoff

Progressing the Tumas project with DFS

John Borshoff, Managing Director / CEO Deep Yellow Limited

Werner Ewald

Update on Bannerman Resources ’ Etango Project

Werner Ewald , MD , Bannerman Mining Resources

Hennie Steyn

Transitioning Namibia’s Energy Landscape towards Renewables & Green Hydrogen for the Mining Sector

Hennie Steyn, Director, Power Invest DMCC

Q & A Session

Closing Remarks

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