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The 2022 Mining Conference is Proudly sponsored by RMB.

RMB Panel

“Breaking New Frontiers in a Post Pandemic Era”

Wednesday 31st August 2022


Hilifa Mbako

Welcoming Remarks

Hilifa Mbako, President, CoM

Session 1

Chairperson of Session – Mr Hilifa Mbako

Lauren Davidson

Namibia’s Mining Sector – Pioneering New Growth

Lauren Davidson, Economist, Chamber of Mines

Dr. Gabi Schneider

Resurgence of Namibia’s Uranium Sector

Dr. Gabi Schneider, Director NUA

John Borshoff

Building a Global Tier-1 Uranium Company

John Borshoff, Manager/CEO Deep Yellow Limited

Katrin Kaerner, Exploration Manager, Reptile Mineral Resources and Exploration

George Botshiwe

Expansion Projects and Growth Trajectory of the Navachab Mine

George Botshiwe, Managing Director, QKR Navachab Gold Mine

Otto Shikongo

Benguela Gem - The Game Changer of Offshore Diamond Mining Operations

Otto Shikongo, CEO, Debmarine Namibia

Phillip Schmidt

From Mineral Potential Through Circular Economy Towards Energy: Adding Value to the Namibian Mining Sector

Phillip Schmidt-Thomé International Operations Director, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

Q & A Session

Thursday 1st September 2022

Session 2

Chairperson of Session – Mr Zebra Kasete (1st Vice President, CoM)

Mr Zebra Kasete

Registration & Welcoming Remarks

Mr Zebra Kasete, 1st Vice President, Chamber of Mines

Chris Jordinson

NMP’s Sandpiper Marine Phosphate Project: The Catalyst for Establishing a Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible Phosphate-Based Industry

Chris Jordinson, CEO, NMP

Mike Woodborne, Project Manager, NMP

Heye Duan

Osino Resources Twin Hills Project – Namibia’s Next Gold Mine

Heye Duan, President & CEO, Osino Resources

RMB Panel

Transitioning Namibia’s Mining Sector into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

RMB Panel

Tea/Coffee Break

Session 3

Chairperson of Session – Mr Veston Malango (CEO, CoM)

Retha van der Schyf

ESG: New Frontiers of Resilience Beyond the Boom

Retha van der Schyf, Managing Director, Salients Alliance Limited

Danny Castelyn

Green Hydrogen & Possible Applications in Namibia’s Mining Industry: The Case for a Niche Green Steel Industry

Danny Castelyn, COO, Lodestone

Mr. Pinehas Mutota

Modified Single Buyer Model – Impact for Energy Delivery to The Mining Sector

Mr. Pinehas Mutota, General Manager – Economic Regulation, ECB

Q & A Session

Zebra Kasete

Closing Remarks

Zebra Kasete, 1st Vice President, CoM

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